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Hour of Code - Empowering young people into computer science

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is a global movement introducing tens of millions of students worldwide to computer science, inspiring kids to learn more, breaking stereotypes, and leaving them feeling empowered.

The Hour of Code began as a one-hour coding challenge to give students a fun first introduction to computer science and has become a global learning event, celebration, and awareness event. offers hundreds of one-hour activities in over 48 languages from transition and up. Activities require no experience and can be run on browsers, tablets, and smartphones - some don’t require any computer at all.

The Hour of Code has made huge strides in bringing computer science to all students. In the first Hour of Code four years ago, more girls tried computer science than have tried in the last 70 years!

“I challenge girls in every single country to learn one Hour of Code.”

Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

An Hour of Code is a great place to start addressing the diversity gap and introducing computer science to more girls in an engaging and empowering way!

Try out one of the many Hour of Code activities designed for all ages the the Hour of Code website.