Innovation Stories
Athan & Joshua HYRA
Athan and Joshua holding a mobile phone

An innovative idea has been born out of a simple challenge - the need to borrow a lawn mower.

Athan Paradisis wanted to cut the grass at the family home to make his parents happy when they returned from holiday.

But he had never mowed a lawn in his life – ‘spoilt, right?’ - didn’t have a lawnmower and didn’t have a clue where to rent one.

So he pleaded for help from his life-long mate Joshua Di Lembo, who brought his mower over and stood back and laughed while Athan struggled to mow the lawn for the first time.

But the situation got them thinking: this kind of dilemma must happen every day.

“A light bulb ticked in our heads,” says Joshua. “Imagine having an app where the community can share their products.”

HYRA was born.

The app allows users to rent everyday products, which saves the expense of buying equipment that is rarely used.

“HYRA will give users instantaneous access to products based on availability, price, user ratings systems and location.”

“This will give product owners the potential for a side income through product rental and community members access to products, at a touch of a button.

“Rentals within the HYRA app are supported by a damage, theft and loss waiver so owners and renters have a safety net just in case something goes wrong.

“HYRA aims to bring the community together and assist in boosting the sharing economy.”

Joshua and Athan received free mentoring from the Territory Government’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade and a grant under the Business Innovation Support Initiatives program.

“The NT Government has been an incredible help, without this assistance, HYRA would not be where it is today.”

The young entrepreneurs also received help from the Darwin Innovation Hub.

“They provided us with mentorship, guidance, facilities and training. This support has helped us grow, not only as a business, but as individuals.”

Joshua and Athan, who both have degrees in civil engineering from Charles Darwin University, encourage other Territory businesses to 'get involved in these amazing programs if they want to see their ideas come to life'.

“We are very proud to be a part of a Territory where the NT Government is constantly facilitating programs to help innovative ideas flourish.”

The HYRA app