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Daniel & Anthony Founders of ridesharing app, MOBI
Daniel and Anthony
Revolutionise the way we drive

Slashing the number of vehicles on the road

An app that could revolutionise the way we drive to work has been developed by two young entrepreneurs.

Daniel Logan and Anthony Pizanias, who both gained commerce degrees at Charles Darwin University, hope their ride-sharing Mobi app will be used throughout Australia.

Surveys repeatedly show that the overwhelming majority of commuters drive to and from work on their own.

Splitting fuel and parking costs would save ride sharers money - in some cases, thousands of dollars a year - and be good for the environment by slashing the number of vehicles on the road.

Daniel and Darwin-born Anthony developed their app with a Business Innovation Support Initiatives voucher and grant from the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation.

“The grant and voucher made this possible,” says Daniel. “We couldn’t have done it otherwise.”

Daniel and Anthony say the Mobi app suits all commuters, but particularly those with long drives to and from work, such as people living in Darwin’s rural region.

They expect it to do well in Sydney and Melbourne, where soaring property prices have forced people to move farther and farther from the city.

For instance, 12,000 people commute the 75kms from Geelong to Melbourne every day, a journey that can take at least 90 minutes during rush hours.

And parking in the centre of Melbourne costs about $20 a day, making the cost of commuting more than $150 a week or $6,900 a year for a 46-week year.

“The app is a simple way to save a lot of money,” says Daniel. “Commuters complain long and loud about how much it costs to run their car.

“When I was down south I used to travel into the city by train and complain about it being overcrowded. Ride sharing is a good solution.

“We want to change the way people think about commuting.”

Anthony says the app includes an 'interests' page to match ride sharers with common interests.

The app is free to download and they have brought in Darwin-based IT expert Sandeep Damodaran to develop the app while they concentrate on the business side.

To can check out the app go to