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personal safety devices

A Northern Territory (NT) company has developed the next generation of personal safety devices.

Darwin-based Universal Site Monitoring designed the safety system in response to the growing pressure on high-risk industries around the world to improve safety standards for their staff.

The system continuously manages multiple risks simultaneously by using a system of safety devices linked to a data interface.

It includes the Personal Safety Monitor (PSM), Mesh Access Point (MAP) and the Universal Data Interface (UDI).

The PSM and MAP devices are available in a regular or intrinsically safe models; the UDI is accessible with computer, tablet or mobile devices.

The system can be customised to suit every operation.

Universal Site Monitoring received help from the Territory Government in two ways - a grant under the Business Innovation Support Initiatives program and assistance under the Marketing Support Scheme with travel and marketing.

It hopes to get further help through the government’s NT Local Jobs Fund, which the company believes will help commercialise the PSM globally.

Company director Emil Tastula says “We have also made a tentative push into the defence sector recently, and we have received some solid support from the NT Government team that supports NT businesses wanting to get into the defence and border protection sector.”

He encourages small companies to look for NT Government help.

“Small businesses just need to stick to their guns, steadily put runs on the board, build relationships in government and, most importantly, submit applications for assistance where possible.”

The PSM alerts its users to danger through alarms and sends real-time reports.

It is capable of real-time communication - through voice, instant messaging and push-to-talk - gas detection (CO, O2, H2S and LEL), geo-fencing alerts, reporting other ambient and atmospheric conditions, gathering and reporting biometric data of the PSM wearer and alerts for slips, trips and falls.

The MAP enables data to be transmitted wirelessly in areas where usually communication would be impossible, by creating a network of devices that also allows for position tracking.

All of the data is then available to the personnel located in the control room via the UDI, which provides the ability to prevent incidents by tracking trends and to respond to incidents immediately as they occur - with the correct response, due to all the relevant information at hand via the UDI.

“The PSM ensures a business’s most important assets - its staff - return home safely every day. It is unique and innovative."

“With a team of technological experts based in Darwin, Universal Site Monitoring is perfectly situated to service Australia and the global market.”

The PSM, which is under Australian, United States and European patent protection, was developed in response to first-hand experience by company directors over many years of witnessing safety standards to fill a gap in the oil, gas, mining and civil marine industries.

Owner and staff of Universal Site Monitoring