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Ray Dice
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‘Smart Energy’ technology solutions

Raymond Pratt is born of proud Western Arrernte heritage. Ray is the director of DICE Australia and associated companies which include Dice Contracting and Dice Renascent.

Ray pursued his early dream of becoming an electrician and spent many years working in remote Australia. He established DICE over a decade ago and it has since become a leading 100% Aboriginal owned service provider to the construction industry in Darwin, throughout the Northern Territory and now encompassing Australia.

Witnessing first-hand the impact of restricted and intermittent energy access to remote Aboriginal communities, Ray cemented the belief that ‘Smart Energy’ technologies would be the catalyst for Aboriginal self-sufficiency and empowerment.

In pursuit of this growing passion, Ray has used DICE’s multi-faceted, ever evolving platform to offer ‘Smart Energy’ technology solutions to Aboriginal communities and the broader domestic and commercial market. The success of DICE is built firmly on Ray’s innovative approach to a collaborative business model that enables his companies to purchase and produce original solutions needed for sustainable regional and remote enterprise.

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