Develop a system for natural resource data

  • Development of the spatial services industry and businesses based in the Northern Territory (NT).
  • Increased use of natural resource data by NT businesses.

A wide range of online geoscience information systems are available in the NT including:

  • the spatial territory resource information kit for exploration (STRIKE) 
    • a web-mapping application for geoscientific data and minerals and energy tenure information in the NT
  • the geoscience exploration and mining information system (GEMIS)
  • Minerals and Energy InfoCentre libraries
  • ‘Exploration News’ a weekly update providing summaries of NT exploration and mining news
  • the drill core database (COREDAT)
  • core sampling reports
  • National Virtual Core Library
  • the geophysical image web server (GIWS) 
  • the geophysical archive data delivery system (GADDS)
  • Australian stratigraphic units database.

The Department of Corporate and Digital Development reports the collection of detailed natural resource data for all 12 identified areas in the Mapping the Future Program that commenced in July 2018. The data collected to-date is being collated and analysed. In principle, it has been agreed to provide the final reports and data to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade for publication in our investor portal. The data will also be available to the public via the Natural Resource Maps in the NT Open Data Portal and ESRI Story Maps.

The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy supports the Australian research community through a network of world-class research infrastructure in locations across the country. The Territory is home to two projects by AuScope including:

NVCL NTGS HyLogger Facility HV9X+JR Winnellie, Northern Territory

One of AuScope's six HyLogger hyperspectral drill core logging instruments, which captures rich image and compositional data from drilling samples and delivers this information to researchers and minerals industry geoscientists via the National Virtual Core Library (NVCL).

AuScope Katherine VLBI Telescope J5G3+FW Cossack, Northern Territory

One of AuScope's three Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) telescopes that forms part of Australia's positioning capability, enabling diverse industries, from agriculture to shipping, to run proficiently across Australia.

Last updated on 15 December 2021