Scope the potential for a Cyber Security Growth Node / Joint Cyber Security Centre in Darwin


Development and growth of the cyber security sector in the Northern Territory.



In June 2021 the Territory Government launched a Darwin-based Joint Cyber Security Service (JCSS), joining a network of fellow JCSS hubs across the country. The JCSS serves as a collaborative hub between the Territory and Australian governments and the local information and communication technologies (ICT) industry.

Delivered as part of the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) wider Partnership Program, the on-the-ground JCSS hubs offer cybersecurity advice and expertise to local industry, with a particular interest in guiding small and medium enterprises. The Territory Government is working with the JCSS to facilitate regional visits and sector-specific cyber workshops to assist regional businesses, which are often ill-equipped to handle today’s growing and highly sophisticated cyber threats.


Territory ICT companies and small to medium businesses now have better access to cyber security advice and expertise. This service is driving closer collaboration between government, industry, academia and the research community to support and learn from each other, share insights, and work together on cyber threats and opportunities. The Territory Government is working with the service to facilitate programs supporting regional businesses and key sectors through regional visits and sector-specific workshops.

For information on how to protect yourself and your business from cyber threats, and to join the ACSC Partnership Program or attend Darwin JCSS events, go to the Australian Cyber Security Centre website.

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Last updated on 15 December 2021