Expand the Business Upskills workshops to cover digital transformation and innovation to support local businesses


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The upskills program was superseded during 2020 by a number of existing programs including the Australian Government's Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions Program (through TREETI in the Northern Territory), the Digital Solutions Program through the Territory's Start.Run.Grow. initiative, and the Rapid Adaptation Grant program during COVID-19 which assisted business to pivot and adapt to the online and digital environment.

Businesses can also access tools and advice to get their business online and grow their digital marketing skills using Marketing: Get Digital Ready.


The Territory Government offers a range of digital transformation and innovation workshops and learning resources which can be browsed online by visiting the Northern Territory business grants and funding. The following programs are available through the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade which provides support for Innovation and Technology.

NT Business Grants Funding

Available programs include: 

Current as of October 2021

Business Acceleration Program

The Business Acceleration Program (BAP) is now in its fourth year of operations in the Territory and for the financial year 2021/22 comprises:

  • One day Assessment Clinics (40 placements fully NT Government subsidised); one day sessions for chief executive officers (CEOs) of companies employing 5 to 200 employees. Coaching comprises face-to-face coaching and training of groups of CEOs with one growth expert for each four CEOs.
  • Business Growth Modules (eight placements 50% NT Government subsidised); a series of three, three day courses over a nine month period for CEOs, and at least two of their executives, of companies with 12 to 199 employees.
  • Growth Ramp (24 fully NT Government subsidised, and a popular new inclusion for 2020-21); a series of six, one day courses over a six month period for CEOs of smaller businesses with 5 to 11 employees who are looking to move to the next level.
  • Execute and Grow (six placements fully NT Government subsidised, new inclusion for 2021-22) is for CEOs, managing directors and executive team members of companies that have attended other AUCBG Growth Programs and want to continue to grow, with guidance from AUCBG and their growth experts.

Results for the 2020/21 financial year reported by 26 companies, who have participated in the Business Acceleration Program and responded to the annual Growth Tracker Survey, showed, despite the effects of COVID-19, they achieved in aggregate:

  • 10% growth in revenue
  • 86% growth in profit
  • 20% growth in FTE jobs (employment decreased by 0.7% in the NT and by 4.3% nationally)
  • 1% growth in exports.
Immediate Business Acceleration Program

In 2021 the Territory Government released the Immediate Business Acceleration Program (IBAP) a free online support program to help Territory businesses thrive and survive during and after a COVID-19 lockdown. The IBAP provides Territory business owners and managers access to expert advice on how to manage their company’s resources during external disruptions such as the pandemic, and describes how other owners and managers have turned a crisis into an opportunity which positioned their companies for future growth.

The program is a series of innovative digital resources, including videos, articles and live Zoom sessions that can be accessed by any Territorian looking to rebound and grow. The program allows for uncapped participation and is fully subsidised by the Territory Government.

Last updated on 21 April 2022