Facilitate opportunities for innovators to ‘test bed’ ideas within industry and public sector


Evidence of innovations being tested within 'test beds' with demonstrable positive procurement outcomes for Northern Territory businesses.



A test-bed is a platform for conducting rigorous, transparent, and replicable testing of scientific theories, computational tools and new technologies. Test-beds are an important part of commercialising many business innovations.

The Northern Territory (NT) Government support for developing business innovation and a culture of innovation will extend to making test-beds available wherever practicable for NT businesses to develop their innovation. The Business Innovation unit is responsible for identifying opportunities for test-bedding private sector innovation developed in the Territory in consultation with business and industry, and all NT Government agencies are required to facilitate test-beds opportunities for the private sector to develop business innovation wherever practical.

An external consultant was engaged to research and deliver a policy for test bedding in the NT. The test bed policy will be implemented in Territory Innovation Challenges Program.


  • The Territory Innovation Challenges Program procurement mechanism was successfully tested through the Drones for Life program. The program was piloted in 2020 which successfully tested the program’s ability to procure innovation within the existing procurement rules. An exemption to use the alternative procurement method enabled the NT Government to directly procure from the winning proponent which ensured the procurement was defensible and compliant with the procurement framework.  
  • Backing and support in the hand-over of the Microgrid Control Systems Testing Facility from Hitachi ABB Power Grids to Charles Darwin University (Hitachi ABB power grids)
  • Business Innovation and the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade provide concierge services and policy support to innovators looking for test bed sites. For example companies we have supported include but are not limited to: Cherrp, ChipSafer and Realtime Feedback.
  • In May 2020 the department became the first organisation to deploy antimicrobial ACTIVAT3D copper throughout their building, to help fight the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Find out more.
Last updated on 15 December 2021