Scope a Northern Territory Government Open Data Portal for publishing high value government datasets in a central location; making data easily accessible for Territorians, researchers and businesses to use to innovate and create new business opportunities


Increased commercial applications of data held by Northern Territory Government made available through the Open Data Portal.



The Northern Territory (NT) Government Open Data Portal has been launched by the Territory Government to the public. The portal currently hosts over 800 datasets in a single place, making it easier to find searchable government data free of charge. Datasets will continue to be added to the portal, providing a valuable source of information for businesses and individuals.

As well as supporting innovation, research and information gathering, readily available data also fosters a greater culture of transparency and accountability across government as well as assisting with evidence-based policy development. The portal includes (but is not limited to) datasets on Environment, Parks and Water Security; Education; Health; Industry, Tourism and Trade; Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics; Territory Families, Housing and Communities; Police Fire and Emergency.

The portal is regularly updated, providing more data for Territorians to access. Requests from the community or industry for new datasets are also welcomed.

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Last updated on 15 December 2021