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Early pitch decks for billion dollar companies

See the early pitch decks of 29 unicorn companies, including Dropbox, Canva and Airbnb.

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Immediate Business Acceleration Program

The Australian Centre for Business Growth and Dr Jana Matthews have developed a suite of material on a range of topics.

The self-paced materials help businesses learn how to survive and thrive during and after a lockdown.

The Immediate Business Acceleration Program provides information for:

  • business owners
  • chief executives and
  • managing directors.


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Start-up pitch video: how to create a pitch deck for investors

This video digs deep into the standard pitch deck outline most companies are using. It gives some guidance as to what information and in what format should be included on your document.

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Empowering businesses, governments, and people to make data-driven decisions for increasing prosperity and citizen wellbeing.

#SmartDarwin is the council’s vision to improve the lives of the community by being connected, collaborative, sustainable, and innovative. The introduction, utilisation, and integration of new technology, solutions and services is key to benefiting the most important stakeholder: the people of our community.

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AI quick start guide

The AI quick start guide is a survey-like tool built by the City of Darwin in partnership with the Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore based on their Model AI Governance Framework and the Australian Computer Society. The guide enables decision-makers in organisations to quickly assess and scrutinise your organisation’s AI readiness and capabilities for a proposed 3rd-party or internally developed AI solution.

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Online innovation courses

Learn innovation strategy with the following free courses and tutorials from various educational institutions and organisations.

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IP Australia

Is your idea, invention or brand available? Before applying for your intellectual property right, you should do a comprehensive search to make sure that it isn’t already registered.

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Doblin ten types of innovation

Learn about the Doblin ten types of innovation framework to enable your business to look beyond product innovation to deliver bigger and bolder innovations.

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