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Find workers for the future at the upcoming Darwin Jobs Fair


Darwin is slowly getting back to pre-pandemic business and many organisations are struggling to get staff back on board. The Australian Government's Department of Skills and Employment is hosting a Darwin Jobs Fair on 30 July 2021 at the Darwin Convention Centre. The world class venue offers a place for job seekers, employers and employment service providers to network and discuss the jobs on offer in and around Darwin.

A new report launched by the Australian Government has unveiled which jobs will have strong demand in the future economy. The new skills priority list showcases where government officials anticipate a strong demand for jobs in the future. Technology, planning and health work are among some of the job areas where the report believes there will be a stronger demand. It has also raised concerns more than 150 occupations such as trades, machinery operators and professional services are already facing skill shortages.

The fair will allow students and jobseekers the chance to chat with businesses and discuss job opportunities and career options from a wide range of industries in and around Darwin. There will be a number of workshops held throughout the day to assist attendees to get job ready as well as free, one-on-one sessions for attendees to that their résumés reviewed or have some interview practice on the day.

For more information on the Darwin Jobs Fair, go to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website.