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NT Innovators steps-up during shutdown


With the recent economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and shutdown, many businesses are being forced to look towards innovation as a way to continue to operate their businesses.

HYRA, an app developed by Territorians Athan and Joshua, was originally developed to allow users to rent everyday products, which saves the expense of buying equipment that is rarely used. With the current climate, HYRA has pivoted to include a marketplace for Territory restaurants and includes a system to allow for orders and payment to be processed online in the app with the 'HYRA Lets Eat' category.

You can find out more about the HYRA Lets Eat marketplace on the website.

The HYRA app is available for download from the HYRA website.

Joshua and Athan received free mentoring from the Territory Government’s Department of Trade, Business and Innovation and a grant under the Business Innovation Support Initiatives (now Business Innovation Program) for the development of HYRA. Find out more about the Business Innovation Program on the Northern Territory Government website.

'The NT Government has been an incredible help,' says Athan. 'Without this assistance, HYRA would not be where it is today.'