Innovative suit reducing risk of back injury


One of Northern Australia’s best-known photographers, George Fragopoulos, has returned to his field of study as a chiropractic specialist and invented a compression suit to help athletes reduce the risk of back injury.

Spinesuit functional apparel aims to improve core stability, posture, performance and recovery.

The bio-mechanically designed apparel helps improve spinal alignment to reduce abnormal load on spinal joints and can be worn as a base layer while athletes train, perform and recover.

The designs are ideal for triathletes, runners and cyclists. Also in development are compression shirts and shorts that will be ideal for sports like AFL and rugby.

Future designs will include wearable sensors to allow for real-time bio-mechanical modelling and biomedical stress and performance monitoring to improve critical diagnosis and decision-making.

George used a Territory Government Business Innovation Program (BIP) 2.0 grant to help develop Spinesuit.

BIP 2.0 is a mentoring and grant initiative to help Territory start-ups and businesses to accelerate commercialisation of their innovation.

Under BIP 2.0 program participants can also receive up to $30,000 in funding to further develop their innovative concept into a commercially successful product.

Many Territorians know George as a successful Darwin-based photographer – fewer know that he is also a qualified chiropractor and entrepreneur.

'I have a unique understanding of this growing problem and the limitations of services and products on the market trying to address this problem,' he says.

'I created the Spinesuit as a non-invasive, wearable and preventative solution.

'The look and feel is similar to compression sportswear worn by elite athletes to improve their performance and recovery.

'We are conducting a pilot study with NT-based athletes, especially those athletes who have had a history of back pain and injury.'

If you are an athlete based in Darwin and would like to take part in the Spinesuit pilot study, contact George via the email address at

Applications for BIP 2.0 are now open, to find out more and to apply visit Innovation Territory website.

Article last updated on 1 March 2024