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Have your say on the Territory space race

Territory Space Strategy

Territorians, businesses and industry are now invited to give feedback on the draft Territory space strategy for 2021-25.

The Territory Government is developing a new space strategy to support the future growth of the space industry, attract investment and identify potential projects. The draft strategy will capitalise on the strategic advantages to attract investment and create local jobs, while establishing a vision for the Territory to be recognised as:

  • the home of high altitude pseudo-satellites in the Indo-Pacific region
  • Australia’s premier space launch location, and
  • a leading regional centre for ground station facilities.

While the Territory’s home-grown space industry is still young, the jurisdictions natural advantages have propelled domestic and international space companies to establish infrastructure and operation in the Northern Territory (NT). The geographic location of the NT, including its wide open expanses and proximity to the equator, makes it a massively appealing destination for space companies from around the world.

Examples of projects that have already demonstrated the Territory’s potential in the space sector include:

  • the Arnhem Space Centre, currently under construction and will be ready for NASA’s sounding rocket campaign in 2022
  • support for the Australian government grant of $1.25 million to develop 3D printed rocket engines, and
  • construction of two ground stations in Alice Springs including Australia's first Aboriginal owned and operated ground station service provider.

To provide feedback for the draft Territory space strategy, go to the Have Your Say website and leave your comments by Tuesday 19 August 2021.