Introducing the new NT Drone Industry Committee leadership for 2023-2024

NT Drone Chair


Innovation Territory are pleased to introduce Iain Forrest as the newly appointed chair for the Northern Territory (NT) Drone Industry Committee. Iain first started using drones about 7 years ago as a commercial photographer in Canberra. In his current role as the director of policy and communications at NT Farmers Association, Iain actively promotes the uptake and usage of drones within the agricultural industry to enhance environmental outcomes and yields, including opportunities for members to undertake drone trials.

Iain is also project leading the development of a drone solution to undertake water quality testing in rivers surrounding farms in real time. The agricultural sector currently utilises drones for a wide range of services from chemical spraying, fertilizer application, LiDAR capture to data capture. As the use of drones by the agricultural sector is expecting significant growth in the Territory, it is great to have a key industry leader as the forefront member leading the NT Drone Industry Committee for this term!

Message from the chair

“I am very excited to be appointed as chair to the NT Drone Industry Committee for this term. The reinvigorated committee consists of 16 members from a wide range of industries, with all members doing extremely exciting things with drones across the Territory.

The new committee will look to support the members of the NT Drone Industry Network and I believe that the committee can play an important role in creating opportunities for drone stakeholders in the NT. Whether that be potentially in the form of education, professional development, networking and or advocacy for upcoming initiatives, events and projects.

As part of the committees’ focus, we hope to send out regular updates showcasing opportunities and networking events in the NT drone space. We as the committee also want to hear from our members! If there are drone related issues or ideas we want to hear about them. Additionally, we can help promote drone related events across the NT to the rest of the network’s 445 members through our newsletters.

In our newsletters, we will also introduce our amazing committee members who are undertaking fascinating work in the drone space. The expertise of people on our committee proves that despite the NT’s remote location, the NT can be at the forefront of innovation and adoption of drones right across the globe!

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank Martin Redhead, Director of Business Innovation, Deborah Turner, Senior Project Officer and Jodie Mason, Project Officer from the Business Innovation Unit at DITT for their help and assistance in establishing the new committee”.

Iain Forrest, NT Drone Industry Committee Chair

Deputy chair

Mark Davies, Director of EHS Essential Services Pty Ltd has been appointed as the deputy chair.

Mark first joined the NT Drones Industry Committee 2 years ago and his active involvement and contribution on the committee has seen his appointment rise to the position of deputy chair for this calendar term. Mark holds a CASA issued Remote Pilot License (RePL) and his company, EHS Essential Services holds a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator's (ReOC) Certificate. Mark currently utilises drones for industrial and environmental mapping and industrial video including incident investigation. 

Mark sees the NT Drone Industry Committee as a platform to be used to help increase drone ecosystem capability in the NT, through collaboration and fostering of strong partnerships with other like-minded drone leaders who also have interests in emerging drone technology and their use. 

“Drone use is only limited by the imagination, the diversity of the committee ensures no idea is out of reach”. 


Dr Farha Sattar, Academic and Researcher Charles Darwin University has been appointed as Secretariat.

Dr Farha Sattar is an academic and researcher at Charles Darwin University with expertise in drone technology, mathematical modelling, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Dr Sattar is a certified drone pilot and aeronautical radio operator and has been using drones in an innovative way to inspire young Australians and stimulate their interest in STEM education. Dr Sattar has been working with schools, industry, community organisations and groups to promote the use of drones in various applications. She is the recipient of STEM Hero of the Year award for the NT.

As part of the NT Drone Industry Committee, she is committed to contribute towards the development and promotion of NT’s drone ecosystem and finding the best drone-based solutions in all sectors that are beneficial for both the Territory and Australia.

Other committee members include:

  • Charmaine Phillips - NT Director, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC)
  • Chris Tangey - Aerial Cinematographer Alice Springs Film and Television
  • Craig Wood - Consultant, SRA Information Technology
  • Emma Mahoney - Supervisor Technical Training and Business, Aviation Australia
  • Jodi Gulley - Science and Drone Teacher, NT School of Distance Education
  • Jodie Mills - General Manager, CareFlight NT
  • Luke Hoolihan - Business Development Manager, Central Drones
  • Matt Green - Director, Intermesh Pty Ltd
  • Riley Woods - Professional Drone Racer (ex Army Cadet), Rise Consulting
  • Rebecca Rogers - Lecturer and Drone Lead, CDU North Australian Centre for Autonomous Systems (NACAS)
  • Stefan Maier - Director, maitec
  • Vanya Bosiocic - Senior Policy Officer, International Engagement, NT Government

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Article last updated on 23 June 2023