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  • Mentor

Steven Rowe - mentor

Founder and CEO of SRA Information Technology, working extensively with a number of organizations, including Santos, BHP, Australian Submarine Corporation and Commonwealth and state / territory governments.

Appointed to and participated in a number of forums guiding ICT innovation within Australia. These appointments include the chair of the NT Ministerial Digital Advisory Council, the Australian Information Industry Association, the national chair of the AIIA Mining and Energy Resources Group, Inspiring NT, the IT Industry Innovation Council, the SME Advisory Panel for the RBA, and the NT Research and Innovation Board.

Developing commercial products for national and international markets. Steven can provide guidance and advice on:

  • entrepreneur facilitation
  • ideation
  • funding
  • product development
  • product commercialisation
  • strategic innovation advisory.

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  • Subject matter expert

Electrical, smart energy and remote construction expertise

Quality solar options for home and commercial use. I hold a broad range of expertise across:

  • electrical and maintenance
  • construction and 
  • smart energy.

I operate a business which proudly delivers remote construction and building projects that positively impact remote communities.

I would like to offer my time when possible to share my story, highlighting successes and failures along the way.


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  • Mentor

Ray Pratt - mentor

Sustainable business with differing models.

As a tradesman and multiple business owner I have a proven track record of creating sustainable businesses across differing models.

I'd offer my time when possible to share my story, highlighting success and failure along the way.


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  • Subject matter expert

Advanced manufacturing expertise

Advanced manufacturing is the use of innovative technology to improve products or processes, with the relevant technology. It can exist in the pre-production stages, manufacturers can contribute value through research and development or complex planning and design work. In the post-production phase, they can contribute value-adding services that support or complement products and help establish long-term relationships with customers.

The purpose of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre is to transform Australian manufacturing to be more globally competitive and generate the demand for jobs, so I would like to assist in working with innovations that assist advanced manufacturing to grow in the Northern Territory.

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  • Subject matter expert

Championing Aboriginal business interests

Business advisory services using the Doblin innovation framework.

Amie has 18 years of experience working as an advisor to business and industry through roles in global and local accounting and advisory firms, based predominantly in Darwin.

Amie has deep experience through many years of delivering business advisory services, culminating in establishing a virtual CFO and business advisory business in 2021, Tribe Business Advisory. Throughout her career, Amie has worked with many businesses on various stages of maturity, from start up to mature business investing in new and innovative business offerings. She has applied the Doblin innovation framework to many business advisory projects. She is a subject matter expert on local small to medium business including start ups, Aboriginal business, not-for-profits and is a prominent member of the accounting profession locally.

Amie Prentice was born and raised on Larrakia country to well known, long-term Territory families who hold long and rich histories and traditions dating back 4 generations in the Top End. Amie is a descendent of the Karajarri, from the region south of Broome in Western Australia, and has cultural family ties to the Larrakia families here in Darwin. She is a champion and ally for the advancement of Aboriginal business interests in the Northern Territory (NT), and more broadly the sustainable economic development of northern Australia.

A thriving Aboriginal business sector is vital to the NT's economic future, and one that Amie is integrally connected to and a champion and ally for. Australia is experiencing a huge surge of interest in Aboriginal products and services that are authentic, ethical, traditionally-sourced and credited. Aboriginal business have a natural competitive advantage in developing this sector in innovative ways, and yet, there are challenges and barriers that prevent so many from being participants in the innovation ecosystem. These challenges are not the result of a lack of opportunity, they are rooted in the of lack access to information and technology, industry-specific support, start-up finance and the inherent challenges of walking in 2 worlds.

Amie understands the complexities of developing innovative business concepts and projects and can provide support and guidance in relation to Aboriginal business offerings, strategic business planning, partnering with Aboriginal business and has broader industry connections on which to lean on.

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Sarah Curtis-Fawley - mentor

Translating ideas into commercial ready products and services.

I hold an MBA from the University of Adelaide and have worked with dozens of start-ups and scale-ups through my roles at the Australia Centre for Business Growth and SBE Australia.

I started and scaled my own company in the US (sold to investors in 2018), so I have a deep understanding of the start-up journey and empathy for founders. I believe that innovation will change the world for the better, and I love working with purpose driven entrepreneurs to translate ideas into action and purpose into profits.

My specialties are:

  • translating ideas into commercial ready products and services
  • scale up strategy
  • investor readiness
  • leadership development
  • building teams, and
  • governance.

I can provide:

  • mentoring
  • advisory 
  • project based consulting
  • serve on advisory boards.

Depending on the entrepreneur's needs my availability can be negotiated.

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  • Subject matter expert

Education, entrepreneurship and video game development

My expertise broadly lies in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and video game development. I can advise on all areas of learning design, development and delivery. From pedagogy, to curriculum design, early years to vocational education and training, and higher education. I run a video game studio, and can advise on the video games industry, gamification, game development and how games can be utilised to teach 21st century skills. I can advise on business, not-for-profits and community development.

For those looking for strategic direction in education, video games and entrepreneurship I offer my services to be an advisor or member of the board.

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  • Mentor

Dylan Bennett - mentor

Starting a business, building a video game, designing an experiential class or course.

I have experience mentoring a wide range of sectors and capabilities. My expertise broadly lies in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and video game development. As an educator, I have experience teaching almost all ages and across a wide range of contexts. Year 1 to year 12, lecturing at RMIT University, a gymnastics coach, a maths, science and music teacher. I have taught in Darwin, Indonesia, Spain and China across curriculums and in different languages. I have lead EdTech Start-ups to partner with universities around the world and designed and delivered experiential education face-to-face, online and hybrid.

While teaching entrepreneurship at RMIT University I also developed and ran start-up pre-accelerator programs. I have a Masters of Education from Monash University and specialised in Applied Behaviour Analysis. My research project was developing a method to audit higher education's online accessibility for students with disabilities.

As an entrepreneur, I bought, ran and sold my first business, a food truck called The Mexican Kitchen when I was 20, and another venture, this time a product called Bidet Mate: The Wash from Down Under (no joke!), at 28, and am now the founder / director of Darwin's first video game and education studio, Larrikin Interactive.

I have coached and supported start-up entrepreneurs find their way to product market fit, secure investment and grow themselves as entrepreneurs.

As a video gamer, I am a certified unity developer, have worked with local governments, schools and disengaged youth to channel the motivation to play games into learning how to make them, and a strong employable skillset in the meantime.

I supported the formation, and am the secretary and public officer for, the Geek Culture Collective, an NT based not-for-profit peak body for Darwin's indefatigable geeks!

If you are looking for guidance on how to start a business, build a video game, design an experiential class or course, be it face-to-face, online or hybrid, join one of Darwin's geek groups or build one of your own, I can guide next steps, connect you to the right people and sound board ideas.

My times and availability vary throughout the year, but my email is always open and read and if I can't help you straight away, I will direct you to someone who can (when possible!).

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  • Mentor

Benjamin Smith - mentor

With 25 years experience delivering ICT solutions and support, Benjamin has worked across a range of industries. Benjamin’s experience involves reviewing existing operations, establishing start-ups, providing digital strategy consultancies, assessing and implementing new technologies, migrating and consolidating disparate IT infrastructures, and developing digital solutions from either the combination of existing off-the-shelf products or development from the ground up.

Personal strengths include leadership and management of personnel, high-level attention to detail and a strong ability to solve and overcome complex problems.

Benjamin is an ICT certified professional as recognised by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Key competencies and skills

  • Business development
  • Project management
  • Business requirement analysis
  • Digital solution development and management
  • Strategic planning
  • Talent identification acquisition
  • Proposal development and tender responses
  • Account management
  • Financial management
  • Ease of collaboration with operational staff through to the executive.

Industry awards

  • 2021 - Good Design Award Australia - NightKey Biometric Identity Management
  • 2018 - South Australia (SA) / Northern Territory (NT) iAward - Public Sector and Government Project of the Year, Research and Development Project of the Year (Music Solution)
  • 2017 - NT Chief Minister’s Award - Innovation (Police Watchhouse)
  • 2017 - ACS Digital Disruptor - Gold Award (Police Watchhouse)
  • 2016 - National iAward Winner - Public Sector and Government Project of the Year, Infrastructure Platform of the Year (Police Watchhouse)
  • 2014 - AIPM ICT Project of the Year - NT Government Windows 7 Desktop Upgrade

Key achievements

Solution development and management of the following:

  • NightKey - biometric identity management solution for the licenced hospitality sector
  • Forensic Face - use of facial recognition algorithms to identify decomposing or bare skulls against photographs
  • Police Watchhouse - identity management solution to quickly identify persons of interest, upon arrest, using facial recognition rather than fingerprinting
  • NeoFusion - the ability for law enforcement to identify a person of interest, in the field, by using either finger or face.
  • Music Solution - the provision of a secure content delivery platform for Correctional Services to allow prisoners to purchase music
  • increased business activity over three years by $30 million by securing managed services, biometric and panel contracts for delivery to NT Government.

Successful planning, coordination and on-time delivery of the following projects for the establishment of IT services at the brand-new ASC Shipyard complex and MSC Training Facility in Osborne, SA:

  • office services (multifunction printing devices, facsimile, scan to email / workflow)
  • audio visual (tele and video conferencing, presentations, executive board room fit out)
  • shipyard mobilisation (relocation of services, assets and staff to new shipyard facility)
  • network services (wired and wireless networking and related configuration requirements)
  • telephony (Cisco VoIP, digital radios)
  • standard operating environment (SOE for the ASC Shipyard and configuration of software)
  • miscellaneous facilities requirements (fibre reticulation, security systems, building management system, server room and communication room requirements).

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  • Subject matter expert

Intellectual property expertise


  • IP capture and assessment
  • IP portfolio management
  • Align IP with business plan
  • IP landscape, IP strategy and protection
  • Technology review and roadmap
  • IP audit and constraints
  • Commercialisation and deal flow
  • Extraction value from IP
  • IP valuation e.g. for investment

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  • Mentor

Dean Alle - mentor

Help to plan your minimum viable product, customer validation, review for investment potential, entry into an accelerator program.

Through my own analysis, I quickly reach a base level of understanding of the technology, the market, the IP position and the opportunity value proposition. I practice lean start up methodologies with a healthy does of realism. This approach applies whether the commercialisation pathway is through start-up ventures, university (PFRO) commercialisation offices or corporate research and development projects. I am willing to adjust my views with subsequent validated feedback. I avoid hasty judgement of opportunities without proper basis.

Depending on the maturity of the innovation opportunity, in an hour or 2 I can assist the entrepreneur to develop a plan for their minimum viable product and customer validation, or to review for investment potential or for entry into an accelerator program. Note: I also run an Accelerator Program.

I set aside 2 to 3 hours per week for mentoring type activities, it changes each week, the best way to setup a mentoring session with me is via my online calendar

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  • Subject matter expert

Investment expertise

Doug Adamson holds subject matter expertise in early stage investment, angel investments and is a general partner in a venture capital fund.

Doug can assist other people in the innovation ecosystem by reviewing and refining investment processes, pitch decks, investment structures and valuations.

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  • Subject matter expert

Drone expertise

Expert on the Territory's drone ecosystem.

As secretariat for the Drone Industry Committee and the Interagency Drone Working Group, Krissy Breed leads drone network development for Business Innovation.

Connect with Krissy to find out more about advances happening within the Northern Territory's drone sector, or to join the network.

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Krissy Breed
  • Mentor

Krissy Breed - mentor

Public sector innovator.

Krissy Breed is the manager of Business Innovation in the Northern Territory Government. Championing women and young people to succeed in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and innovation, Krissy was integral in launching the Women’s Innovation Network in 2020 and the Women’s Innovation Pitch in 2021. Krissy is a mentor alumni for BPW Darwin, a community of business and professional women working together to develop the business, professional and leadership potential of women.

A trained science communicator, licenced drone pilot, and secretariat to the Drones Industry Committee, Krissy’s passion for innovation spans multiple industries. Additionally, Krissy established a company which included the introduction of the Northern Territory's first fleet of photobooths.

Krissy leads a small high performing team dedicated to accelerating the rate of innovation commercialisation in the Territory. With a Bachelor of Commerce from Charles Darwin University, Krissy also represents Business Innovation on a range of government committees and working groups.

Krissy has developed a strong network and wide range of practical knowledge across business and government including innovation strategy, budget management, program development and governance. She is constantly seeking new methods to do business and develop the Northern Territory’s innovation ecosystem.

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Krissy Breed
  • Subject matter expert

Small business champions

Connecting small businesses with government support: if you are a Northern Territory business, Aboriginal enterprise or not-for-profit, you can get help from a small business champion.

A small business champion can help you identify the types of support your business can access.

You can also get support with networking, contacts, information, tools and resources.

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  • Mentor

Doug Adamson - mentor

Electronic engineering, finance, and venture capital (VC).

Doug has had wide and varied experience in founding, growing, managing and selling several businesses in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and Southeast Asia across multiple industry sectors. Doug has also good experience as an investment professional, with seed and early stage VC investment funds, as well as several angel investments.

Now Doug loves filling his days working with innovative, fast growth companies as a business and commercialisation adviser and mentoring start-ups across multiple different incubator / accelerator programs.

As a general partner in a small venture capital program he evaluates and invests in early stage technology companies, makes angel investments personally, and is pursuing his own start-ups in single serve wine packaging and business optimisation.

He has qualifications in electronic engineering, finance, and venture capital, and is also a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Doug is ready to ask you the hard questions that need to be asked.

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