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Jordan’s app lets you ensure your legacy never dies

Jordan Glover and his family

One of the most common laments as we grow older is: I wish I’d told my full life story to my loved ones.

Enter entrepreneur Jordan Glover.

He has developed an innovative app called Legend Legacy, which allows people to capture their lives for friends, family and generations to come. Jordan, who works as a contract administrator for a construction company, came up with the idea after his twins were born.

“They are only two years old,” he says. “I thought that if something happened to me they wouldn’t know anything about me - they wouldn’t know their own dad.

“So I started looking for an app and soon realised there wasn’t one. As far as I know, my app is unique.”

Jordan says few people have the time, energy or ability to write their own life stories.

But his app is easy to use.

“Just point your phone at yourself and start filming and recording.

“There are sets of questions in different categories, such as family, favourites, memory lane, nature, sport, messages for loved ones and many more. The questions act as prompts to get you talking about yourself. You can answer them as fully as you like.

“You can also upload home videos. The app is a way to capture the real you.

“The app has specific categories, such as Indigenous and pregnancy, to ensure everyone can tailor their story to their culture and life experiences.”

Jordan is grateful that he received a Business Innovation Support Initiatives grant from the Northern Territory  (NT) Government’s Department of Trade, Business and Innovation, which allowed him to develop the app.

He was able to go to a professional app developer for help.

The innovation grants are part of the Territory Government’s Business Innovation Strategy and Action Plan, which focuses on strengthening the NT’s business innovation culture.

The strategy outlines the government’s approach to 'ignite, inspire and intensify' the development of a sustainable innovation ecosystem.