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Drone pilots requested to nominate for a Technical Advisory Committee


Nominations are open for Northern Territory subject matter experts across all RPAS operations, disciplines and environments, to participate in a National Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) aimed to develop a new Diploma of Aviation - Chief Remote Pilot.

Drones provide new opportunities and generate efficiencies in industries such as mining, agriculture, building, oil and gas, and other large industrial facilities. They have become known as incredibly powerful, versatile industrial tools capable of completing a wide range of applications. Industry professionals are progressively using drones to improve and optimize industrial processes as well as enhance operational efficiencies. The capacity for data gathering and analysing capabilities make automated drones valuable for several industry sectors.

The role of a chief remote pilot is challenging based on legal obligations, operational risk management, training, and administration requirements in addition to the supervision of complex drone operations.

The new qualification and associated units of competency are required to enhance safety and address compliance standards in the drone industry.

For more information or to register your interest in participating on the TAC, go to the Australian Industry Standards website or contact Alana Treagus at the Industry Skills Advisory Council by email or phone 08 7913 7522.