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The collaborative group of business, industry, academia and government leading the Northern Territory (NT) drone industry.

Drones - an aircraft piloted by remote control or on-board computers:

  • RPAS (remotely piloted aerial systems) 
  • UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)  
  • UAS (unmanned aerial system).

The NT is uniquely positioned to grow a specialised drone industry, providing the perfect location to test drone based solutions in remote settings and extreme environmental conditions. This is further supported by a willing and capable group of people across all sectors of the drone ecosystem.

Problem statements / challenges


A brief introduction into what challenges are and what they are required to do for them.

Current problem statements / challenges

Create an industry transformation hub

How do we harness the latest drone technologies for services in the NT and maintain a trained workforce for drone operations? 

The College of Engineering, IT and Environment, Charles Darwin University (CDU), are proposing to create an Industry Transformation Hub at CDU for drone services. The aims of the centre are to: 

  1. generate trained and industry-ready professionals focused on the needs of the various sectors that are being transformed by remote pilot systems
  2. conduct innovative research around the application of remote pilot systems that are focused on the needs of business’s in the NT
  3. deliver a raft of integrative research projects focused upon emerging and evolving remote pilot system applications for businesses in the NT
  4. assist industry to overcome the regulatory, logistical, and analytical challenges associated with using remote pilot system technologies and associated sensors
  5. increase the capacity of the various industries and sectors to harness remote pilot system technologies to deliver improved financial outcomes, better safety records, and enriched digitisation of their trades. 

Solution required

To be able to deliver this Industry Transformation Hub, CDU are calling for input from industry to better understand what the opportunities and challenges are and where best to engage.

If you would like to provide input to assist CDU for their submission of an ARC bid, please contact A/Professor Hamish Campbell on

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Network experts


Members of the Northern Territory Drone Network are working together to grow the NT’s drone industry. A fast growing network of individuals and organisations including business, industry and government.

The network identifies collaborative opportunities that can benefit the NT as well as issues that impact the use of drones for business and research. Members work together to provide services and increase opportunities through identifying training, assisting in mentoring, test beddings and facilitating innovation.

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