Northern Territory Drones Network

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The collaborative group of business, industry, academia and government leading the Northern Territory (NT) drone industry.

Drones - an aircraft piloted by remote control or on-board computers:

  • RPAS (remotely piloted aerial systems)
  • UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)
  • UAS (unmanned aerial system).

The NT is uniquely positioned to grow a specialised drone industry, providing the perfect location to test drone based solutions in remote settings and extreme environmental conditions. This is further supported by a willing and capable group of people across all sectors of the drone ecosystem.

NT Drones Industry Committee


The Northern Territory Government supports the development of a drones industry in the Northern Territory. The NT Drones Industry Committee was established on 29 March 2021 and drives the activity Drones NT Network which is sponsored by the Business Innovation Unit through the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

The role of the NT Drones Industry Committee is to:

  • lead engagement with key Drone ecosystems related stakeholders
  • advise the Business Innovation unit on Drone ecosystems related opportunities and initiatives for Northern Territory Government support, engagement and leadership
  • provide feedback to the Business Innovation unit on Drones related initiatives.

Network experts


Members of the Northern Territory Drone Network are working together to grow the NT’s drone industry. A fast growing network of individuals and organisations including business, industry and government.

The network identifies collaborative opportunities that can benefit the NT as well as issues that impact the use of drones for business and research. Members work together to provide services and increase opportunities through identifying training, assisting in mentoring, test beddings and facilitating innovation.

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