The NT Drone Industry Network is a collaborative group of business, industry, academia and government leading a vibrant and strong drone ecosystem. The Network is connected and collaborative, and focussed on developing world class solutions to the geographic, environmental and economic benefit of the Northern Territory. 

The Northern Territory Government supports the development of a drones industry in the Northern Territory and the Business Innovation unit provides concierge services to the Network.

Drones - an aircraft piloted by remote control or on-board computers. Common terms include:

  • RPAS (remotely piloted aerial systems)
  • UAV (uncrewed aerial vehicle)
  • UAS (uncrewed aerial system).

The Territory is uniquely positioned to grow a specialised drone industry, providing the perfect location to test drone based solutions in remote settings and extreme environmental conditions. This is further supported by a willing and capable group of people across all sectors of the drone ecosystem.

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NT Drone Industry Committee

The NT Drones Industry Committee was established on 29 March 2021 and drives the activities and news to advance the broader NT Drone Industry Network. The Business Innovation Unit at the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade provide Secretariat services for the committee.

The role of the NT Drones Industry Committee is to advance and grow the Northern Territory’s drone ecosystem by:

  • Increasing drone ecosystem capability in the Northern Territory through collaboration and fostering strong partnerships across industries, government, academia and regulatory authorities
  • Advocating for regulatory and policy reform, along with drone industry safety and social responsibility
  • Promoting Diversity and inclusiveness to encourage an environment which allows the opportunity for everyone to contribute
  • Increase visibility of drone-related opportunities and pathways to encourage future growth and technology advancement of the drone ecosystem.

The network identifies collaborative opportunities that can benefit the NT as well as issues that impact the use of drones for business and research. Members work together to provide services and increase opportunities through identifying training, assisting in mentoring, test bedding and facilitating innovation.

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