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The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade showcase Territory innovation through a variety of channels including but not limited to: regular news features, newsletters, business bulletins, social media, Business Innovation Network NT events, the department’s small business champions and direct mail outs. This website is regularly updated with the latest information and updates on local business innovation stories, programs, events, services and grants available.

Business Innovation regularly provides support to, and participates in, exhibitions and events with a digital focus including but not limited to:

The department delivered the Digital Partnerships Program in 2019, the program offered grants on a dollar-for-dollar basis to match funding provided by industry proponents for projects delivered in partnership with local industry and Territory information and communication technology (ICT) or digital businesses, with funding and grants awarded through a competitive selection process.


Promotion of Territory innovators and entrepreneurs occurs through the following programs, partnerships, marketing and events:

Digital Partnerships Program

The Digital Partnerships Program is a Territory Government initiative to support the local information and communication technology industry to build capacity and create jobs, foster partnerships across the sector and other local industries and encourage the development of innovative digital solutions to meet local challenges and support economic growth. The program was administered and delivered by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade. The successful projects included:

Paspalis Enterprise, in partnership with One IT Services, Server Room Specialists and Charles Darwin University, will establish a digital resource and development facility at the Darwin Innovation Hub. Project completed.

Sterling NT (Mycor) is developing a water smart sensor system to reduce water use in parks and gardens, partnering with Bluereef Technology and IVM Group. Project completed.

NightKey, a biometric identity management system, will be redeveloped by DEVA Darwin in partnership with Professional IT Solutions and One IT Services to provide an open platform to use in multiple industries and to integrate with other platforms. Project completed. 

DICE is developing the Digital Access to Remote Renewable Energy Systems (DARRES) to improve monitoring and sustainability of renewable energy systems for remote communities and businesses, in partnership with New Futures IT and Balance Utility Solutions. Project nearing completion. 

InDigiVR: Used contemporary digital technology to showcase the Territory’s Aboriginal sites, heritage and landscapes with 3D VR headsets, through a partnership between the Warlpiri Media Aboriginal Corporation, Uber Air and PAW Productions, which is being developed in Alice Springs. The project is ongoing.

Updates current at October 2021.

News item: 

October Business Month

Now in its 27th year, October Business Month (OBM) has supported Territory businesses by providing access to a month-long program of inspirational and educational events, designed to inspire and grow Territory businesses. Innovation events are now scattered throughout the month in multiple industry focussed event offerings reaching into the regions.

For more information on outcomes relating to innovation and October Business Month review the action item.

Gaming Industry and eSports

Australian-made games are rocketing to the top of global sales charts, winning major industry awards and grabbing headlines. The industry is growing exponentially and is currently bigger business than ever, topping movies and music combined.

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade promotes collaboration in this space and provides support to organisations operating in this space including but not limited to Larrikin Interactive and Next Tier eSports.

This website

More than a website, the digital engagement platform is an interactive ecosystem allowing innovators to easily exchange information and value with each other at much lower discovery and transaction cost than in the past.

Check out what Territory Innovators have been getting up to on this website:


Business Innovation and the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade provide concierge services and policy support to innovators looking for test bed sites. Companies supported in their research include but are not limited to: Cherrp, ChipSafer and Realtime Feedback.


Monthly e-Newsletters are curated to inform and engage the networks on International, National and Territory Government policy, programs, news, and events. Examples of content shared includes: 

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We have sought expressions of interest in receiving information on the following priority sectors which have been steadily gathering subscribers as follows:

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Digital Territory Action Plan

The Territory Government’s 2020-21 Digital Territory Action Plan is assisting businesses to build connections, reach their potential and succeed in a thriving digital economy.

Last updated on 21 April 2022